Getting the Book


There are three access options for professors looking to use the book in their classes.

The first option is to have students buy the book themselves, in printed or electronic form.  This can be done through the publisher directly, here, or through Amazon (see link above).

The second option is to use SpringerLink.  If your university has subscribed to the SpringerLink Economics book package, than you and your students can access this book electronically for free, and can purchase a softcover printed version for only $25 through MyCopy.  To see if you have access through SpringerLink, click here via your university computer account.   It will be immediately clear whether you have electronic access, and the option to purchase via MyCopy will be plain to see.  There are only a few simple, straightforward steps to complete.

(If you don't have SpringerLink's Economics book package, your librarian can learn more and order it here.)

The third option is to ask your library to purchase electronic copies of the book for you and your students to access and print if desired.  If you select this option, I suggest ordering a few copies of the e-book, as access will be permitted to only one student per e-book at a time (unlike SpringerLink, which has unlimited access).  This might be the most convenient option if the book is being used as supplementary material and your institution doesn't allow access through SpringerLink.